No More Abuse

A. Communicate with your children: 

Dinner time is talking time. Go over basic facts about sexuality. Don’t use words to suggest that sexuality is bad or dirty. Remember that children react to the way you react. Let them know that they can come to you and ask questions if they don’t understand something about their bodies. Have a basic conversation about puberty so that pre-teens can understand the changes that will occur in his or her body. It is good to keep as an ongoing dialogue about sexual abuse and body safety in your household. Ask questions every time they start a new chapter in life or go to new places where they are around new people.                                                                                                       

B. Teach your children about their body parts:

Use the correct body part names. Explain to your child(ren) that no one has the right to touch or even look at their private parts in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.  

 C. Teach children the important steps to take if someone tries to touch their private areas:    

1.) Say No!    

2.) Get Away!     

3.) Tell an Adult!

Remind them that If an adult doesn't believe them the first time they tell them, they must keep telling until someone does believe them. CHILDREN MUST BE SEEN, HEARD & BELIEVED