Legislative Bills Alert

Public awareness of what our legislators are doing and how they are voting is extremely important. After all, you vote them in and you have the power to vote them out if you don't think they are doing a good job. If social justice issues regarding sexual & domestic violence are important to you, we want to help get your voice elevated in the community and amplified in the legislator. Learn your legislators by visiting the Louisiana state legislature website. From this website, you can also track bills and track sessions and committees. Start a dialogue with your legislators by sending an email or visiting their social media pages. 

If you are going to a doctor’s appointment, you can actually stream audio of a hearing session to get first hand information. The fact of the matter is TECHNOLOGY FUELS CONSTITUENT COMMUNICATION. Almost every legislator I know relies heavily on their computers to communicate with their constituent.

Click HERE to view the 2018 Legislative results regarding impact for sexual abuse survivors.





This information has been provided by the Hearts of Hope Education Director, Val Senegal.