The Children's Advocacy Center manages and conducts forensic interviews of alleged sexual abuse as a cooperative effort between the 15th & 16th Judicial District Attorney's Offices, the Louisiana Department of Child & Family Services, law enforcement and the Lafayette medical and mental health service professionals. This neutral location provides the necessary safe-haven for children to heal, which includes counseling and therapy support services to begin their path of recovery.


  • Provide a safe, child-oriented facility to serve abused children through advocacy, intervention and counseling efforts, as well as other community resources to decrease the intensity of trauma.
  • Provide a neutral location for community agencies and professionals to meet for case coordination and case review.
  • Coordination and tracking efforts with a multidisciplinary team to increase prosecution of offenders.
  • Forensic interview services to all child survivors of sexual violence, severe physical abuse and/or witness to violent crimes. These interviews are also available to survivors with mental disabilities, which may include adults.

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Louisiana 
Provide a safe and child friendly environment for children who have been abused and their families during the investigative process.