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Want to sign-up online? Fill out the form below.

What is An Adult Survivor Group?

1 in 4 women will be sexually abused or assaulted in
their lifetime. Two-thirds of the cases are never reported. Sexual assault is the most dramatically under reported crime. Many survivors have suffered unnecessarily for many years.

Hearts of Hope Adult Survivors Group is a 10 week cognitive
behavior group that is open to the public and focuses on crisis and trauma discussing:

  • The meaning of the event(s) and restructuring unhelpful ideas & intentions
  • Patterns of problematic thinking and the effect on behaviors & emotions
  • Challenging questions 
  • Other issues involving beliefs about self and the world including: safety, trust, power, control, esteem, and intimacy. 

What is A Non-Offending Parents Group?

Decades of experience and research show that how
parents—particularly mothers—react to a child’s
disclosure of sexual abuse and the events that follow is
the number one factor in how well the child recovers and the family survives the trauma of sexual abuse.

Hearts of Hope Non-offending parents and caregivers group is a 6-week series of cognitive behavior-focused crisis and trauma intervention sessions that teach:

  • The facts about child sexual abuse and trauma
  • The effects of trauma on victims, their parents and siblings and ways families can cope and come to thrive
  • The role of law enforcement, child protection, and community service providers in helping families caught up in the crisis of child sexual trauma
  • Parents the knowledge and skill they will need to help children deal with long-term trauma effects throughout their development 

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