If you need immediate help because you are in danger,

call 911 now. 

If you have been sexually assaulted: 

  • Get to a safe place.

  • Contact someone who can help you: a friend, the police (911), or the Hearts of Hope crisis line at 233-RAPE (7273)
  • Do not shower, bathe, drink or eat, douche, wipe after urination, smoke, or change your clothes. These activities can destroy important physical evidence needed if you prosecute the assailant. 
  • Get medical attention. You may have injuries that you haven't noticed, yet, or want to explore options for preventing pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Write down everything what you remember about the assault, with as much detail as possible. This not only helps with the healing process, but can help with any legal action you may decide to take.

Suspect a child being sexually abused?

  • If you suspect the child's parent is the abuser:
    • Call the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services 1.855.4LA.KIDS (452.5437) 24/7 
  • If the suspected perpetrator is not living in the home:  
    • Call your local police department. 
  • Find out what we do to help child survivors here.