The Sexual Abuse Response Center provides education, counseling and advocacy services to survivors of sexual assault and their families.

If you are a victim and would like to receive counseling or emotional support, call the 24-hr Crisis Hotline: 337.233.RAPE(7273)

SARC Services

  • Emotional support to survivors of sexual abuse/assault
  • Short-term mental health services for survivors of sexual abuse/assault as well as for the witnesses of violent crimes
  • Support groups for survivors to assist in long-term recovery
  • Advocacy services that include:
    • ER Accompaniment in Lafayette, Iberia, and St. Martin parishes
    • Law Enforcement Interview Accompaniment
    • Court Accompaniment
    • Criminal Justice Advocacy
    • Assistance with Temporary Protective Orders
    • Referrals / Resources
    • Case Tracking and Updates
    • Coordination and case tracking efforts through Sexual Assault Response Teams
  • Education programs
  • Social change campaigns about sexual abuse and its effects on survivors, families and the community