You can volunteer in 4 different ways:


1. Victim Advocacy

Each year, Hearts of Hope sponsors two volunteer trainings. Victim advocates are required to complete a 40-hour crisis intervention training during which they learn crisis intervention and active listening skills. They also learn about the effects of sexual violence, the court process, and how to monitor our 24-hour crisis line and provide support in an emergency room.


2. Office Volunteer/ Internship

If you are interested in helping Hearts of Hope, but don’t have the time to commit to the victim advocacy training, you are always welcome help at the office; no work experience is required.

If you're a UL- Lafayette student in undergrad or a graduate school student in A social work program, Hearts of Hope would love to have you on board if you desire placement with us. Please contact us at the information provided below


3. Youth Advisory Board

Are you between the ages of 12-18? Join the team to be a part of the cause to decrease abuse in our community! Volunteering on our youth advisory board allows students to build their resume for entrance into universities and potential scholarship programs as well as build confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills and a deeper of humanitarianism. Youth who volunteer experience the sense of achievement along with the satisfaction of being a part of something meaningful that helps impact their peers' lives and effect positive changes within their community. Don't delay; by scrolling below, you can sign-up today! 


4. Events/FUNDRAISER Volunteering

To see what happening in the community, go to our Events page. 

Please fill out this Volunteer Interest Form: 

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