SnapChat’s “Cosmo After Dark” Is Porn

Cosmo After Dark is a new channel on SnapChat’s “discover” section that goes live every Friday at 6pm. Cosmo describes their new SnapChat feature as “an X-rated weekly edition that is exclusively dedicated to all things hot and horny.” If you look below this article, you'll see some screen shots straight from SnapChat that your kids can easily access on Cosmo After Dark. Be mindful that there's never been any parental controls on SnapChat but if you are reading this with your child, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

Snapchat is a publicly traded company with a strict focus on making money. Social media is a competitive industry and they are doing everything to stay on top. With pornography being a billion dollar industry, what a win-win for the two to join forces," Val Senegal, Hearts of Hope's Education Director.

Now is the time to become the vigilant parent. We have been saying this for two years now, monitor your children's electronics and social media accounts. Use two-party authentication to control their logins and activity. Have access to their accounts on your own devices as well as the passwords. Set strict consequences when they violate any of the ground rules you've laid regarding social media. Have a conversation with them OFTEN about the dangerous effects of pornography. What you do today, matters later when your child becomes an adult.

For further reading, please CLICK. Learn more about Hearts of Hope's #NowMattersL8R program. This information has been provided by Val Senegal, Education Director of Hearts of Hope. 

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Viewer discretion advised



Viewer Discretion Advised