Masturbation Secrets and Little Literature to Educate Parents

People often have questions about children’s masturbation, but there is surprisingly little guidance available in the world of pediatric literature. Dr. Klass wrote an article in the New York Times about this particular issue, which sparked interest in the community to get more information and guidance on how to deal with masturbating children.

“Parents will report kids touching genitals when they’re bored, or self-stimulating. Children may rub themselves against stuffed toys or blankets or the arm of the sofa,” she said.

Masturbation is actually a normal thing believe it or not. Parents and guardians should be talking about it more and adding it to the “Birds and Bees” talk given to puberty-age children so that it can normalize the subject and family conversation. Keep in mind, there are some sexual behaviors in children that are developmentally inappropriate and can be regarded as abusive and violent. Hearts of Hope wants to help parents and caregivers better understand this subject matter. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, a Sexual Development class is offered at the Hearts of Hope: Sexual Abuse Response Center for parents and caregivers of children 12 and under. It’s available at NO COST! If you are interested, click HERE