Social Media Behavior: Our kids are in danger

A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that using social media is among the most common activities for today's children and young adults, with 22% of teenagers logging onto their favorite social media sites more than 10 times a day. It defined social media as social networking websites such as Facebook, gaming sites such as Club Penguin, video sites such as YouTube, blogs and apps such as Snapchat.

The AAP study also found that social media use by tweens and teens had both positive and negative effects on their emotional and social growth. We suggest that parents install apps such as WebWatcher and Net Nanny on their children's phones to monitor their social media behavior. They can be installed and your children will never know they're there. These apps allow you to see everything so that you can immediately respond to issues of sexting, cyberbullying and so forth. Here is a list of popular apps among tweens and teens: 

  • ooVoo — A free video chat and instant messaging app for any device. It allows users to make high-quality video calls.
  • kik — A free instant messaging app for mobile devices. It allows no phone numbers, only usernames.
  • Snapchat — Send text, photos and video to a friend, and unless that person takes a screenshot, the Snap disappears.
  • Twitter — Users can tweet or retweet their thoughts or status in 140 characters or less, adding hashtags for more visibility.
  • YouTube — A website and application that allows users to share videos with others.
  • Periscope — Stream live video to others anywhere in the world using your mobile device.
  • YikYak — This app allows users in the same region to post and view text anonymously in a bulletin-board format.
  • Instagram — Take and post photos and videos and share them with other users.
  • Skout — Find people online locally or globally for dating or friendship.
  • 9GAG — Share user-generated humorous photos. It also contains inappropriate content.
  • Tinder — Find people to hook up with or date using this app.
  • Vine — Watch, create and share short videos that loop.

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