YouTube has a Bad Secret

We all know that hundreds of thousands of videos are monetized on YouTube with advertisements that target all types of different audiences. People, especially children, depend on YouTube to give them quick tutorials and informative content, while sexual predators depend on YouTube to share sexually explicit videos of children. These predators connect with other human traffickers and pedaphiles who are also involved in the business sex trade industry.

A prominent YouTuber recently made a video raising awareness about this issue. After much publicity (over 1 million views), the video disappeared…strange! The message is already out there and viewers of YouTube must demand that the company stop facilitating predators’ abilitiy to connect with each other. With millions of children using the site, it simply cannot remain a hub for child erotica and the source for facilitating human trafficking. The National Center for Sexual Exploitation  2019 Dirty Dozen List can provide more information regarding this issue. You can take action against YouTube by tweeting #WakeUpYouTube and signing the petition.

If you are a victim of sexual violence and live in the Acadiana area of Louisiana, call the local rape crisis line: 337.233.7273. If you are ready to address your trauma through counseling, please click HERE.