“Now Matters L8R” Program Results

Between 2016-2019, over 36 groups of both students and adults received education from the NowMattersL8R program.

  • 50% of students admitted they’ve posted or shared something online or via text message and later regretted it.

  • 58% of students admitted they communicate with adults they do not know through social media or text.

  • 11% of students admitted they accept friend/follower requests from people they do not know in real life while 22% said they were neutral in reference to that statement.

  • 59% of students reported they felt it was safer for teenagers to date people online rather than in real life. 

  • Over 90% had an increase in knowledge regarding the laws for cyberbullying, sexting and child pornography.

  • More than 97% of adults reported satisfaction of the program and it’s content.

  • Because of this program, many schools (and church parishes) have made efforts to improve their policies and compliances regarding Internet usage, safe environment, reporting, and Title IX: sexual harassment prohibition.


1 in 3 girls & 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 16

Over 65% of alleged offenders are family members.


1 in 5 children receive a sexual solicitation while on the internet.

More than 80% of sexual abuse cases occur in 1 adult/child situations.

• There are approximately 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the United States.

• Like rape,
child molestation is one of the most under reported crimes.