Are you a victim of sexual assault or do you know someone who is?

We have joined Victim Link to bring Seek Then Speak to our community. Seek Then Speak helps sexual assault victims and their support people gather information, explore options, and take action. By guiding you through a series of questions, you can figure out which options are right for you. You can get in touch with someone called an advocate, who can help you through this process, and you can even start reporting to law enforcement, if you choose.

Available on your desktop, mobile phone, even a landline.
Gather information. Explore options. Take action.

If someone has recently been sexually assaulted, they must:

  • Contact someone to help: a friend, the police (911), Seek Then Speak or the Hearts of Hope crisis line: 337.233.RAPE (7273)

  • Avoid showering, bathing, drinking or eating, douching or wiping after urination, smoking, or changing their clothes. These activities can destroy important physical evidence needed if you decide to prosecute against the assailant.

  • Go to the ER an get immediate medical attention. There may be injuries that aren't noticed or the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Write down everything remembered about the assault with as much detail as possible. This not only helps with the healing process, but can help with any legal action you may decide to take.

Suspect a child is being sexually abused?

  • Call 1.855.4LA.KIDS (available 24/7)

  • Call your local police department

  • Find out what we do to help children here